Wednesday, 17 October 2012

20's and 30's Halloween Costume Inspiration

Can't think of what to wear for that vintage Halloween party?
Here's some inspiration to titivate your creative juices! ;)

For more inspiration and a very interesting post, do check out The Painted Woman blog!

(Warning: Picture heavy!)

For a pin up style. Source

Or for something a little rique ;) Source

And for the the kids (aren't they just adorable!) =D Source

Absolutely love this pic =) Source

Don't you just love how much creativity they had, both in choosing and making their costumes!
Nowadays it is sadly reduced to witches/ghost/ghouls etc. you don't see people dressing up as 'Winter' or one of my favs from above, 'The  Spirit of St Louis'!

Over at The Painted Woman blog at the bottom of the article is a list of movies based in the 30's featuring fancy dress if you want to see some in action! 

Hope you enjoyed the ensemble of pics!

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