Friday, 23 March 2012

Gatsby Picnic

I'm afraid I didn't get an pics from Friday or Saturday, they went past in a blur.
Sunday blossomed into a warm sunny day, perfect for the Gatsby Picnic, the apex of the weekend.
Picnickers reclined under gazebos, taking high tea or drinking Champagne cocktails and enjoying the music, atmosphere and aerobatic display.
 Enjoying the picnic with Nick and charming Ellen.
 Promenading on the lawn with Sharon in her gorgeous 30s cruise ensemble.
 Chatting with new friend Simone.
 Group shot of us Deco Darlings.
 Me and Mum both wearing original 30's cotton lace dresses which we adore =)

 Red checkers' fantastic display.

A much enjoyed day, a quick change and off to the revelry of 'Cheerio to Deco' at The Club.

Pip Pip for now!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Striped Pyjamas and the Hawke's Bay Club (aka Thur night)

Aah what a busy few weeks since Deco! Gently laundering and pressing my precious vintage garments and relaxing after the rush and bustle of a glorious weekend.

The weekend started for us on Thursday night with drinkies at the magnificent Hawke's Bay Club for Leisurely lounging event. We were all decked out in our best lounging pyjamas, smoking jackets and boudoir caps for a lovely laid-back event in a superb setting.

The Hawke's Bay Club was established in 1863 and is the only remaining club to still retain a Gentlemen only membership. The Billiards room is the only to remain of the original Club building, it was demolished in 1904 and rebuilt as it stands today in 1906.

The Hawke's Bay Club.

A few pics from our enjoyable evening.

 Mum, Me and Vic.
 Wearing my new original 1920s silk pyjamas.
I fell in love with the shaded green stripes and the lovely monogram detail, unfortunately not my own, but that would be too uncanny ;)
 Hamming it up with specs.
With a group of lovely friends.

Toodle Pip!