Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Good Friday Impromptu Picnic

Good Friday turned out to be a lovely warm, sunny Autumn day so a small group of us decided to have an impromptu picnic at the local botanical gardens.
It was lovely and very much enjoyed by all =)

I'm wearing an original 40's rayon blouse which has the sweetest all over design of tiny clover leaves.
I've matched it with pleated shorts and tilt brim hat which are both my own creations and finished off the ensemble with an original yellow glass necklace.

The hat is to an original 40's design, but I haven't quite finished trimming it, so shall post some better pics when I have =)

Pip pip!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Post ADW - Monday

Monday evening was both a friends annual Mad Hat Party, which this year I was invited to and another friends military themed birthday party. Luckily we managed both =)

I'm afraid I don't have any pics from the military party, but here is a pic from the Mad Hat party.

The silly hats were provided, everyone had to wear one and weren't allowed to take it off until the call was made to pass it along to our right. 
There were lots of very much sillier hats than these of course. 
It was a great deal of fun and a great de-deco segue back into the modern day to day life.

Toodle pip!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ADW 2013 - Sunday

Well Sunday dawned bright and warm as always, so we got up and joined the gang for a leisurely breakfast before the days festivities kicked into full swing!

You can see the crowds in the background preparing for the soapbox derby =)

A stroll home via the green and say hello to friends setting up their gazebo's. 

Was a tad late in getting ready for the picnic, so dashed onto the balcony to see the red checkers aerobatic display (one is generally on the green or down by the sea front). Watching it from the balcony you got a completely different angle, so it felt like you were watching it for the first time again, with a renewed sense of wonderment! 
A must vantage point for next year ;)

At the picnic =)
I was so busy dashing about and back and forward to the house trying to find a waistcoat for my brother etc etc and then going for a promenade with the Chap, Jeanette and Nick to look at all the different themed gazebo's, I didn't really get to catch up with everyone and missed most of the picnic!

On the sea front, looking very dapper in his new original suit. 

After a quick rest, freshen up and into our evening wear, we wandered down to the final event of the weekend, 'Cheerio to Deco' at the grand Hawke's Bay Club. 

Wandering back from the club around midnight, but we just weren't ready for the party (and the weekend) to finish.

Post midnight Port and shenanigans in the library at the County ;)

The next morning we got up bleary eyed and exhausted and meandered down to join the gang for breakfast and to say farewell the the Aussies who were flying back that day. It felt strange to see everyone in their normal clothes after a week of seeing them in deco clothes exclusively and some that you've never met de-deco as it were. 

The town was dead quiet, you could almost imagine tumbleweed rolling down the high street. Everyone was no-doubt either asleep or nursing a hangover. 

It was a lovely, but sad farewell to Deco for another year. 
There is of course Winter Deco which we are all looking forward to immensely, however it has a altogether different atmosphere and is almost a separate event in its own right =)

Pip pip!

Friday, 12 April 2013

ADW 2013 - Saturday

Saturday started off with the vintage car parade. 
We had been invited to ride in a Studebaker, however upon arriving at the gathering point, we were informed that it had broken down. Luckily the UK Bentley club was on a tour of New Zealand and we were given a ride by a very lovely couple in their wonderful Bentley =D

Me and the Chap enjoying the parade.

Afterwards was the costume and coiffure competition. We were going to enter a couple, but were encouraged to enter the original section individually as well. 
We got first and second respectively, so decided to give the couples a miss.
It later turned out I won best in show also!

Behind the soundshell before the competition.
Yes that is lipstick on his cheek ;)
We had sweet old ladies coming up to us and telling me "Ooh you watch out for those airmen!" 
Well, they did have quite a reputation in their day! ;)

After the competition, food and a short moment to relax, it was time to get ready and hit the town again.
Our evening event consisted of dinner with a murder mystery magic show. I'm afraid I turned out to be the murderer! 

Not a very good pic I'm afraid, but the only I have of this evening. 
A friend jokingly commented that we look like vampires ;)
I wore my late 30's/early 40's evening blouse, that a certain lovely peach got me for Christmas =)

After the show we wandered up to the soundshell to join the street party.

Toodle pip!

Monday, 8 April 2013

ADW 2013 - Friday

Started off with a lunch party at the grand County Hotel 
Me and Ellen.
The last to leave lunch crew.

In the evening there was the 'opening soiree', officially opening the weekend. Yes the irony of the fact that its been going already for most of the week.

The soiree was followed by a group of us having drinkies at Churchill's Bar at the County Hotel =)

Toodle pip!

Friday, 5 April 2013

ADW 2013 - Thursday

Thursday started with a lovely drive through the country for a rustic pub lunch.

Gathering at County hotel to be divided into cars.

Me, my chap, his rolls and its chauffeur ;)  (we wish!)

I'm afraid these are the only pics I have of this day.
Being Valentines day, we opted to have a quiet dinner, before continuing on to our next event which was a lounging pyjama party and cocktails (of course). 
A thoroughly enjoyable (and long) day. I believe we eventually hit the hay around 2am.

Pip pip!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Art Deco Weekend 2013 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Well, have recovered from Deco and been thrown back into the rush and bustle of everyday life!

Lot's on the go at the moment, but more about that later =)

I have finally got round to having a moment to look through the pics and pull some out to show you all as promised =)

Weeell... Deco started for me on the Tuesday evening, (so more Deco week than weekend!) with a lovely dinner at the magnificent Mission Estate Winery =)

I'm afraid this is the only pic I could get my paws on for this evening.

That's me in the centre. I wore an original 40's debutante gown in cream heavy satin.
It is heavily boned in wooden boning with metal caps. 
I will have to get some more pics of this dress, its lovely =)

Wednesday day I held a little glamour soiree where we were instructed in vintage hair and makeup by Claire of 'The Vanity Case' =)

Me and the chap preparing refreshments for the soiree.
Mum and my sister, curlers in! ;)

40s hair and makeup being demonstrated on sis.

My turn =)

Wednesday evening- Hair and makeup done and after a relax with a cocktail its boudoir party time! 

Drinkies with good friends =)

Start as you mean to continue they say and this week started off with a bang and didn't stop accelerating     until we finally flopped into bed the following monday night! 

Toodle pip for now, will be back with more pics from the rest of the wonderful week!