Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Masculine Women, Feminine Men...

I must admit, I do love men's suits!
There is just something indescribably neat about a well tailored men's suit.
Added to which many remaining 1930's men's suits are so petite and subtly tailored at the waist, they fit me.

A crisp white shirt front, a fitted little waistcoat, a well cut jacket and a neatly tied bow-tie all come together to give a truly neat and dapper look and who doesn't love glittering little onyx shirt studs and matching cuff-links!
Add to this all a few feminine touches, a diamante cigarette holder, a well shaped pair of heels, a kiss curl to soften the Josephine Baker style brilliantined crop, a rich red lipstick to match well polished lacquered red nails leaving the moons bare for an elegant finish.

The result is a deliciously languid, elegant and sophisticated effect with a flavour of la garconnette or bachelor girl independence.

Here are a few examples of stars who made this look their own.

Marlene Dietrich is most famous for wearing suits.
Marlene Dietrich. source

Marlene Dietrich's first appearance in a tux was in 'Morocco' in 1930, which caused quite a stir.
Both for her appearing in male attire, seducing two men at once while dressed so and also for kissing another woman in the audience.

Katherine Hepburn. source

Josephine Baker. source

Katherine Hepburn. source

Gladys Bentley. source

There are of course many more, these are just a sample.

The desire for the look of a tux had already caught on in the 20's, but was mostly a feminine version of a tux and not an actual men's one as can be seen by this example.

And here is an example a pattern aimed at women who wished to emulate the looks of the stars they admired, at home for themselves at a fraction of the cost of a tailors model. 

I will leave you with one of my favourite novelty songs befitting this topic!
I hope you enjoy this rather amusing song and its equally amusing video =)

Pip pip!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rain, rain....

....Go away, come again another day!

Well it's a bit like that here.
After having laundered, steamed, repaired and generally sorted out the flotsam and jetsam of the weekend, we were to discover that very few pics of the weekend turned out!

Therefore we decided we would do a bit of an outfit shoot, however weather has not been permitting it.
It has been positively pouring down for days with hardly a break and it has been extraordinarily difficult to get anything to dry!

As soon it eases up we shall don our Deco finery for documentation! ;)

 With any luck, will be back soon!