Friday, 17 February 2012

Deco Utopia

It's that bustling time of year again, the race to prepare is over and the weekend has most certainly begun.

I am of course referring to the Geon Art Deco weekend festivities in Napier "the Art Deco capital of the world", in New Zealand.

As some of you may know both Napier and its twin city Hastings were devastated by an earthquake in 1931. From the rubble of destructed buildings, Napier and Hastings rose from the ashes, replacing the lost old-fashioned buildings with modern architectural building befitting of this era.

Once a year in February, in memory of the earthquake, Napier holds a week-long festival celebrating the rebuilding of the city in Art Deco style.
The city is filled with revellers dressed in appropriate fashions of the era, going to cocktail nights, balls or watching events such as 'The soap box derby'. Vintage cars from the 20's and 30's are parked along the Marine Parade.

The festivities of the weekend culminate in 'The Gatsby Picnic'.
Appropriately themed and decorated gazebos line a grassy avenue, under which picnickers enjoy their afternoon teas or promenade along the green to the sound of small bands and quartets like the 'twin city stompers' playing popular songs of the twenties and thirties. Spectators stand in awe as 'The Red Checkers' do a fantastic aerobatic display, employing some amazing manoeuvres.

Pip pip

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