Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After the Dust has Settled

Two weeks after Deco there was a picnic event at the splendid Duart House.
It was great to catch up with everyone again after recovering from the actual weekend.

Duart House in all its charm. I love how the cars and people in this photo could almost make it pass as authentic black and white from the time.

Me with Mum in her original 30s maternity frock. The way it works is just sooo clever!

A candid pic of everyone chatting on arrival.

Me with Howie and Hannah in the 'turret'.

A candid of Me, unsuspecting deep in conversation.

Group snap, all the usual incorrigible Deco fanatics =)

I wore a new to me buttery mid 30s rayon frock with tiny red, blue and brown hearts embroidered on the bodice, which I wore with a brooch to match made by yours truly. Unfortunately I didn't realise that the frock wasn't shadow proof until after I left the house, even more unfortunately the fact that the outline of my girdle could be seen was noticed =(
Definitely a must do project, make a few pairs of camiknickers and slips! 

Well Toodle Bim for now, will be back later with some 30s inspirational material! 


  1. You're looking so beautiful. You're the right one to wear this kind of vintage fashion. Hugs from Miss Maple

    1. Aww thank you, I really love the mid 30's, its both lucky and a curse that I fit into original dresses. Lucky because there are so many beautiful things in my size and a curse for the same reason, as I can't possibly own and wear all of them! ;)