Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rain, rain....

....Go away, come again another day!

Well it's a bit like that here.
After having laundered, steamed, repaired and generally sorted out the flotsam and jetsam of the weekend, we were to discover that very few pics of the weekend turned out!

Therefore we decided we would do a bit of an outfit shoot, however weather has not been permitting it.
It has been positively pouring down for days with hardly a break and it has been extraordinarily difficult to get anything to dry!

As soon it eases up we shall don our Deco finery for documentation! ;)

 With any luck, will be back soon!


  1. I wish that it soon eases up and we can see your pics. The photo above is so wondeful. It reminds me of the film "Midnight in Paris" when Gil always wants to walk in the rain, although the city in this photo might not be Paris. Btw I own a collection of photos from the past where young ladies have the nicest umbrellas. I'm going to show them in a post soon. Best wishes from Miss Maple

    1. Yes, we're looking forward to getting the chance to dress up again, hope its soon! =)
      Oh yes you're right! Its in Belgium, not sure if its Brussels, but shares similarities with Pairs I'm sure!
      Ooh I look forward to seeing them! =)