Friday, 2 December 2011

Summer tea and sunshine

Last week I attended a High Tea event held at the lovely Oruawharo homestead.
I had been sewing like a mad thing in the weeks leading up to this event in order to complete my frock.

The lovely lemon honey coloured rayon fabric was too nice for such a plain dress and as it was several sizes too big I decided to refashion it into a charming, frilly garden party frock.



The sheer accent fabric I chose to use for the sleeves etc. turned out to be hell-ish to work with especially as I had planned on an embroidered scallop edge.
I used an iron tear-away stabiliser, which worked a treat, but I had to be very very very careful when tearing it off! 

A sleeve while in progress.

I also made Mum a detachable collar and jabot to go with her blue polka dot dress, which completed effect I am quite pleased about!

And here it is!

Well that's all for now! A friend has some more pics, but has yet to send me copies, I will post them when I do so you can see all the lovely thing others were wearing too!

Toodle Pip!

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