Friday, 11 May 2012

My Gal Adele!

Meet one of my more recent acquisitions!
This is Adele, she is an original 1930s mannequin, she does have legs, but is missing her stand so I am just using her top portion until I can make her a base. Unfortunately her arms are missing, but she's a lovely gal.

 When I found this 30's hat in a thrift shop it was in a very sad condition, it was dirty, faded, squashed and moth nibbled. I took off the trimming, gave it a good clean and reshaped it back to its original lines. 
 Unfortunately its original gross-grain band was not salvageable, so I replaced it with some lovely dead-stock gross-grain I had. 
 I finished the hat with a pleated gross-grain fan flourish.
 The lovely hat, collar and cuff set my darling Mum crocheted for me.

 A depression style brooch I crafted. I am thinking of possibly swapping it with a feather quill, what do you think?
 The matching gauntlet cuffs.
Another of my current project is this mid 30s dress and jacket set which I am sewing for Mum out of a lovely cotton lawn. 



  1. You did a lovely job on that hat, as for the crocheted set, it blows my mind....!!!

    1. Yea I love wearing them, nice and cosy and a smart set =)

  2. Can I adopt your mother. She's fabulous.

  3. I'm sure she would be delighted! =D
    She is rather a peach, we're deco partners in crime! ;)