Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tying up loose ends

As I mentioned in my last post I have been finishing off some of my incomplete projects and general mending.

As you have probably noticed I usually have many different projects going at once and they can sometimes be difficult to pick up again later, leading to a pile of items that are half done or in need of either altering or mending.
The list of projects gets added to or the priority of which needs to be finished first changes due to various upcoming deadlines or unforeseen circumstances mean that I have to put my own project on hold to complete someone else's for a close deadline.
I am sure a lot of you have similar difficulties.

I still have a long list to do (several hats to finish, coats to alter, a pile of darning, incomplete frocks for summer to finish, original patterns to trace off/resize/cut out and put together, patterns to draft for outfits I have designed  and already bought fabric for, etc. etc. etc. The list really does go on and on!
But I am happy to have at least finally made a start on some of the hand sewing/mending. =)

One of the first things to finally complete is a 30's style resort clutch that Mum crocheted a while back that needed stiffening, lining and the back handle to be attached.

  I used a Buckram type stuff between the lining to stiffen the back of the clutch.
I used a white quilting muslin to line the clutch to ensure that the crochet doesn't stretch and sag from use and added a little mirror pocket.
The strap at the back is also lined and stiffened so that it can support the weight of the clutch when in use.
I am looking forward to finally using the completed article this Summer! =)

The next was a red tilted beret also crocheted by Mum. 
Apologies for the quality of the pic, but you get the idea.

In my last post I promised a pic of the collar I am embroidering. Well here it is so far!
This is embroidered on a very fine stiff-ish sheer cotton, so it will take a tad longer than expected as I need to be careful. This will be one half of the collar, I plan on making a pair of cuffs and a belt to match. As I said previously though it will be a long term project, because it will be slotted in between my other projects as time allows. 

Well that's it for now, back to my mending!


  1. Such a cute bag and the beret is fan-tas-tic!!!! God I'm drooling!

  2. Thank you =) I Can't wait to wear it in summer with resort style wear! Sun, sea air and stripey accessories in patriotic colours! ;)

  3. Wow! The red beret is so gorgeous. I'd like to see you wearing it. You're so talented to be able to make that embroidery. You and your mother have done good work. Hugs from Miss Maple

    1. Thank you, it turned out to be a bit more difficult than I at first thought, because of the fabric. SO it shall probably be quite a long term project, but I cant wait for it to be finished and adding it to a dress! =D