Saturday, 30 June 2012

Brands Then and Now - Make-up

I have always found it quite fascinating how many brands there are still around today from the 20's and 30's,  how little many of them have changed and some you wouldn't have expected them to have already!
So I have decided to do a series of posts on the subject, Brands Then and Now divided into several categories.
I hope you enjoy these;

Cutex nail lacquer ad from 1936. Source

Innoxa ad. I love this brands liquid foundation, its lovely, light and comes in paler shades for porcelain skins =)      Source

Maybelline ad from 1930. Source

Max Factor. Source

1930s Cutex lipstick ad. Source

1930s Elizabeth Arden. Source

Innoxa face powder ad. Source

Maybelline mascara ad. Source

Revlon 1944. Source

Revlon lipstick and nail lacquer ad 1944. Source


Please note I do not own any of these pics and intend no copyright infringement merely to illustrate the topic, therefore I have added source links to each image. 

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