Saturday, 28 July 2012

Recovering from Deco

We will be back soon with pics from our Winter Deco frivolities!
Having almost recovered from the main weekend, there is one last dash tomorrow.

Wish us luck.
To surviving to tell the tale!  ;)


  1. I found your blog via Bright Young Twins and have to say: I like it. The background flowers are adorable - autumn anemones? The picture above is wonderful. I'd like to be a part of this event. Your Winter Deco frivolities sound interesting.

    1. Thank you =) Yes, I believe they are Japanese Autumn Anemones, I love them they are always so pretty.
      It must have been fun, dancing in gorgeous gowns with dashing young men to the big bands at stylish venues!
      Yes it is rather enjoyable, in Summer we have the grand Art Deco weekend when the city is flooded with enthusiasts from all over, but in Winter it is cosier and intimate. I couldn't imagine having one event with out the other! =)