Friday, 12 April 2013

ADW 2013 - Saturday

Saturday started off with the vintage car parade. 
We had been invited to ride in a Studebaker, however upon arriving at the gathering point, we were informed that it had broken down. Luckily the UK Bentley club was on a tour of New Zealand and we were given a ride by a very lovely couple in their wonderful Bentley =D

Me and the Chap enjoying the parade.

Afterwards was the costume and coiffure competition. We were going to enter a couple, but were encouraged to enter the original section individually as well. 
We got first and second respectively, so decided to give the couples a miss.
It later turned out I won best in show also!

Behind the soundshell before the competition.
Yes that is lipstick on his cheek ;)
We had sweet old ladies coming up to us and telling me "Ooh you watch out for those airmen!" 
Well, they did have quite a reputation in their day! ;)

After the competition, food and a short moment to relax, it was time to get ready and hit the town again.
Our evening event consisted of dinner with a murder mystery magic show. I'm afraid I turned out to be the murderer! 

Not a very good pic I'm afraid, but the only I have of this evening. 
A friend jokingly commented that we look like vampires ;)
I wore my late 30's/early 40's evening blouse, that a certain lovely peach got me for Christmas =)

After the show we wandered up to the soundshell to join the street party.

Toodle pip!

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