Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Art Deco Weekend 2013 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Well, have recovered from Deco and been thrown back into the rush and bustle of everyday life!

Lot's on the go at the moment, but more about that later =)

I have finally got round to having a moment to look through the pics and pull some out to show you all as promised =)

Weeell... Deco started for me on the Tuesday evening, (so more Deco week than weekend!) with a lovely dinner at the magnificent Mission Estate Winery =)

I'm afraid this is the only pic I could get my paws on for this evening.

That's me in the centre. I wore an original 40's debutante gown in cream heavy satin.
It is heavily boned in wooden boning with metal caps. 
I will have to get some more pics of this dress, its lovely =)

Wednesday day I held a little glamour soiree where we were instructed in vintage hair and makeup by Claire of 'The Vanity Case' =)

Me and the chap preparing refreshments for the soiree.
Mum and my sister, curlers in! ;)

40s hair and makeup being demonstrated on sis.

My turn =)

Wednesday evening- Hair and makeup done and after a relax with a cocktail its boudoir party time! 

Drinkies with good friends =)

Start as you mean to continue they say and this week started off with a bang and didn't stop accelerating     until we finally flopped into bed the following monday night! 

Toodle pip for now, will be back with more pics from the rest of the wonderful week! 


  1. You look so cute and I love those pajamas!

    1. Thanks =) I love them, but not sure how much longer they'll fit me! :/