Sunday, 12 June 2011

Art Deco weekend-summer 2011

Its that time of year when winter Art Deco weekend is just around the corner, which reminded me that I haven't posted any pics of this summer. So here they are:

Friday Night Cocktail event
 Me wearing the gown I designed for a competition, one of the prizes being that my design would be made for me by a couturier.
 The back 
The  design pic 

Mum wearing the dress I made for her.

 details of the dress

Saturday Morning Brunch
 Me and Mum enjoying the sea air and live music.

Mum and Dad reclining after the meal

Sunday Day at the Gatsby picnic
 Me and Mum both wearing sporting outfits.
Mum's is made by me.

Me and Mum at 'After the dust has settled' a post Deco Event

Me wearing an original cotton early 1930s dress.

 I had the compact before I bought the dress, but didn't realise that they matched until I was ferreting amongst my accessories on the day this was taken. Some luck that!

Us with some friends and acquaintances after an Art Deco themed variety concert  in aid of the Canturbury Earthquake disaster.

I'm looking forward to the winter event, hope I get all my planned outfits ready in good time. Not the usual sewing on buttons and tucking away threads the morning of the event. My planned projects are an appliqu├ęd and embroidered piano shawl, a skirt to match the jumper below and the jumper mentioned in my first post amongst many other things. So watch this space! 

Pip pip,


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I adore all of your outfits and all of the things you make are spot on!

  2. Thank you,
    I do my best to make things as authentic a possible, which can sometimes be more difficult than than others ;)


  3. I love the outfit with the white hat and would like to have one like that. The evening dress you designed is stunning. How long have you practiced to be able to make it?

    1. Yes, it has such a crisp clean sort of feel, I didn't make that one, but I did make Mum's.
      The evening gown was made for me by a local dressmaker as part of the prize for the winning design =)