Thursday, 9 June 2011

Make and Mend - Alterations Pt.1

I have started my first project, altering this two piece merino set into a mid 1930s two piece suit.

Unfortunately I had unpicked the waistband and sleeves before I remembered to take a 'before' pic, so I laid them out how they were.

 I cut the waistband into quarters crosswise and and grafted two quarters together to make two wide pieces.

 I measured and fitted, then hand sewed side seams, using pinned outline as guide.

Because I am a lot smaller than the original merino top the arm holes were now smaller than the sleeves, I decided to pin the excess fabric into a decorative pleat on the shoulder.

The sleeves set in.

The basic silhouette of this jumper- lightly fitted waist, loose bloused top.

Thats all for now. Will be back on task tomorrow, hope to  finish the jumper and maybe start on skirt.
Pip pip,

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