Saturday, 25 June 2011

Make and Mend - Re-purposing Part1

Mum loves the luxurious satin piano shawls of the 20s and has always wanted one.
I have promised for a long time to make her one and I have finally got around to it.
I have based the design on this deco mural that mum photocopied out a book many years ago. I don't remember where its from, but I think possibly somewhere in America. Its stunning!
 This is my final design.
I am appliquéing the design onto a black silk bridal satin background.  The motifs are cut from old silk blouses that have been collecting up for years as their colours are so beautiful we thought we would come up with something to make out of them eventually.

I made a 'final size' draft of my design to use as a sort of pattern. First I trace the piece onto paper then I use it as a template to cut out the coloured fabric. Then I use a temporary spray adhesive and stick it place and sew around it with a 100% cotton machine embroidery thread. I am using the spray adhesive instead of iron on bonding because I don't want any glues remaining on the silk, the spray will be removed with a gentle hand wash at the end. I also use an iron on stabiliser to prevent damage and puckering on the delicate silk. I prefer natural fibres like silk, cotton, rayon etc and will only use polyester if unavoidable. 

This is my progress so far.

Wish me luck for the continuation of this project,
Pip pip,


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished as it looks gorgeous from this photo! All those bright colours against the black work so well. What a lovely present this will be! Though if I was you I think I'd be tempted to keep it myself!

  2. Thank-you. It would be tempting, but I can always borrow it off her for an event. I hope its done in time, I only have a few weeks.