Saturday, 20 October 2012

Brands Then and Now - Confectionery

With Halloween looming on the near horizon, I thought this was an appropriate post in my line of 
'Brands- Then and Now' series. 
Some authentic confectionery for you to consider for you Vintage Halloween party or Trick or Treat! ;)

Early 30's ad for Mackintosh's. source

And another, because isn't this just too sweet! Source

Coca Cola 1936. source

Coca Cola. source

1930s Aero wrapper. source

1930s Aero. source

The Mars bar was created in 1932, however this is a 40s advert. Source

One from the 30s Source

The Kit Kat, originally called Rowntree Chocolate Crisp was changed in 1937 to Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp.

I couldn't find an ad from the 30's so here's one from the 50's.Source
Below however is a pic of girls making Reese's peanut butter cups from 1935. Source  

And to cap it off, one from the old homeland ;)
Ad for Whittaker's chocolate toffees 1932. Source
Whittaker's delivery truck 1938. (Same source)

Whittaker's Wellington staff 1930's. (same source)

There is a wonderful article on Whittaker's, one of NZ's oldest and favourite confectionery companies at Long white kid blog. Do have a look!

This is just a sample, there are of course many many many more!

For another article on 20s and 30s Halloween food check out this article at The Depression Kitchen Blog!


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