Friday, 12 October 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well for Mum and Dad anyway.

As I mentioned in my last post, Mum and Dad have bought a lovely 1934 bungalow style house.
Naturally they will be changing a few things and personalising it. With a bit of pruning the camellias will hopefully give up a bit of sea view and even better, my new abode is just a short(ish) uphill climb walk away. So I can make full use of the newly designated sewing room =D
Here's a few 'before' snips.

The front. 
We plan to plant a nice approach with some rose or maybe lavender trees and perhaps some English cottage style mixed borders.

Nice front reception room. 
Will look lovely with some furniture and deco ornaments in it and perfect for throwing a cosy little cocktail or bridge party now and then ;)

The kitchen.
Hardly altered from when the house was built! The handles and bench tops have been replaced, but it has the original flour bins and laundry shoot to the laundry below. There is even a funny little heater thing in one of the cupboards, presumably for heating/airing towels or such, which I shall have to try research from its patent number.

The dining room with windows out on the garden, serving window through to kitchen and door through to sun room/conservatory. 

Just needs a couple of palms to complete the colonial look =)
Its roomier than it looks as its reasonably long.

Rather overgrown back garden.
To the left is a large broom tree and several rampant camellias which are currently hiding the view.

To the side of the house are these stairs that lead up to this little tea space off the kitchen.
The little table folds down, isn't it just the sweetest place to have a cosy cuppa while waiting for your roast to cook! =D
The designated sewing room with large concertina windows overlooking the garden.

And finally, looking up at the house from the end of the garden.

I hope you enjoyed the pics,
M. =)

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